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About Us

Inspired by Luxury, Driven by Sustainability


Sandbanks was born from a desire to help combat environmental challenges we all face; a luxury fashion brand, helping protect the future of the planet. Sandbanks’ products are made almost entirely from recycled and regenerated materials created from post-consumer plastic waste found in the oceans and landfill. 


We will always opt for sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing choices, without sacrificing on quality. Sandbanks will only make a product if it can be made in a way that practices sustainability and environmental responsibility.


We have the privilege of working with partners including Econyl, Seaquel, Polartec, Thermore, and Lampo amongst others, who provide access to premium sustainable and technical fabrics and components. Sandbanks is on a journey of constant improvement, always embracing new sustainable innovation.


Sandbanks products are made with longevity in mind; dedicated to tackling the impact of waste, using high quality components and manufacturing methods. Our garments are made in Europe, by highly skilled men and women, adhering to our environmental and ethical standards.

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