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Since 1921, our family has been protecting Canadians from the cold – a relentless quest that founded Moose Knuckles Canada in 2009. Inspired by our nation’s most fearless animal who only leaves a trace of its knuckle in the snow, the moose guides voyagers on their endless pursuit of adventure.

The brand was built on the belief that we could make the leanest, toughest and most luxurious sportswear in the world. We engineer Canadian know-how, grit and heritage into every fiber, stitch and zipper. We stand by our impeccable tailoring, ethically sourced materials and premium hardware. Our mission is to warm you to your core so you can ignite the fire within.

We are a family, a community, a movement, and we wear it on our sleeves. Discover the Spirit of the Moose in our garments engineered for the tundra, designed for the city.

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